2013 Zena Road Runs - 15K

1st 15K completed and on the books (kinda). I came in 3rd to last out of 114, I’m the last listed on the results and don’t have an official time. The clock was at 1:44:53 when I crossed. 
Speed has not been my thing but I went out there and ran. Thankfully my ego can take the placement :) 
The start was something I hadn’t seen before; 15K one direction and 3 and 6 miles the other while all mushed together with no real marked starting line either way. Thomas and I were standing talking and all of a sudden a horn blew and everyone kinda startled just took off.  
Course started straight up for almost the whole first mile and then more gradual up for two more part of which on a  gravel road. Back to pavement with some pretty decent downhill for a couple miles. Last four were rollers but nothing too major. 
I did know I was at the end of the pack and could see about 8 runners ahead of me on straightaways. I briefly and slowly caught up to the lady in front on me in the last mile but she turned up the heat as soon as I got close. 
The weather was prefect, dry and a crisp 42°. Great scenery, passing probably like 10 wineries. Body felt good except a blister on my right foot I’d gotten the week before being rubbed and worsening as the run went on. And my lungs could also feel the last of some dairy indulgence healing.
Now that I have a base time, we’ll see how my two 15Ks in March go. 
Photo taken as I came up to finish line. 
Update (2/5/13) - I have an official time listed at 1:44:50.0